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Are you a part of the tribe that's constantly on the hunt for no-strings-attached fun? Maybe the tribe of local girls looking to fuck? Those single ladies looking for sex who are tired of promises that lead nowhere? Our dating site is the one-stop spot for all things casual. Fast? Check. Easy? Check. Secure? Absolutely check.

We know that amidst all the enticing antics, privacy and data security may nag at the back of your mind. But relax. WildScrew handles your information like a tight-lipped secret keeper. Here's how:

User data: Your data is collected spot-on when you register. The info you provide and any bits and bobs added to your profile make up your data. It's simple, straightforward, and essential.

Storage: It's stored in a secured, encrypted database. A Fort Knox, for your info, unbreakable to prying eyes.

Usage: Your data only streams your casual 'encounter' madness. Reality check: we're not interested in your dog's favorite toy or your guilty-pleasure Midnight snack. When we say we want you to find a girl for sex, that's exactly what we mean.

Our measures scream 'Hulk' strength:

  • SSL Encryption: Wild Screw's donned the secure sockets layer technology. In simple terms, it's like an impenetrable force field.
  • Two-step Verification: To keep your account as exclusive as a VIP nightclub.
  • Manual Moderation: A team is always on the lookout for mischievous mice in the cornfield.

The cherry on top? We understand you're here to meet women to fuck, not to share your life story. Hence, our privacy policy shelters your personal information like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

Think about it: our dating site isn't about false pretenses or being coy. It's about local women wanting to fuck. The only thing we request? Be bold, be brash, be you. Even after all, privacy is sexy, isn't it?